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    Why we are here
    I've gotten back into gaming recently and I've come to notice there are really no quality servers to play on. For whatever reason, servers with really horrible resource allocations have managed to attract players, and the players on those servers seem really upset. I can understand this being an issue when you need to dedicate your time to level up on that server.  With this in mind, I've taken it upon myself to start a dedicated server filled with top end hardware that aims to fill this gap. Beyond this, I don't really enjoy entrusting other people with my hours of work and dedication to leveling up my character, only to have the server constantly crashing or simply disappearing. With that said...

    Why should you trust me with what I just said I trust no one else with?
    This is a difficult question to answer on the internet and convince complete strangers in a positive way. The best I can do is tell you who I am as a person and what my intent is. Most of my intent is stated above, but I am proud to say I have served 18 years on active duty in the U.S. Army.  I am a Sergeant First Class, know what it takes to manage a community and bring people together. I like to play survival games and I thoroughly enjoy networking and working in enterprise server environments.  I have four degrees: A bachelors in Management, and three associates in Intelligence Studies, Information Technology, and Chinese Mandarin.  I have extensive knowledge in virtualization environments, and have previously hosted multiple survival servers that were very successful.  I see a good future for our community and am ready to make my stand and provide a viable environment for a playerbase to thrive.

    - Dagoberis