The rules below are not all encompassing, as every issue that could arise can not be individually accounted for. Administrators use the rule-sets as a guideline when dealing with issues, and will interpret them as they see fit for each individual issue. Do not argue with administrators, because the administrator will do what is necessary to temporarily cease whatever action to gain control of a situation (ex. short-term temp ban to stop toxic chat).

1. Do not be a toxic fucking troll – you will always be crushed.
2. Act like an adult whether you are one or not.
3. Don’t be a racist piece of shit.
4. Treat people the way you want to be treated.
5. Your actions can in-fact affect those you play with. I firmly believe in being guilty by association.
6. I owe you proof of nothing. Administrators will not divulge any more information than is necessary to justify a mute, kick, or ban in an effort to protect administration techniques.
7. Do not grief people. This is a PvP server, raids will happen – in-fact they’re encouraged. Repeatedly bag camping someone is stupid – destroy the bag and move on. Specifically hunting someone down over and over for no reason other than to give them a hard time is highly discouraged.
8. Terrain clip = insta-temp ban (length at my discretion), doing it again = bye forever.
9. Duping = insta-perma ban. I check the logs daily and don’t care about your excuses. I know the difference between a dupe, and a false-positive.
10. Anything I deem an exploit will be dealt with in a manner consistent to terrain clipping.
11. You can build on bedrock
12. You can’t dig a large fucking hole in the map and let blocks fall everywhere (this includes any form of drop mining, or using dynamite to cause drop mining).
13. If your zombies attack someone else and kill them – oh well. If you glitch zombie pathing in an effort to bypass claim protection, or for any other reason deemed malicious by an administrator, you will be dealt with in a manner consistent to terrain clipping. There is no gray area on this topic – what the administrator says is all that matters.
14. You can put your claim block in a raided base.
15. If you make a complaint in a public channel it will be ignored and probably deleted. PM the administrator in discord to make a complaint.
16. Your interpretation of the rules does not matter – only mine does..

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