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  1. We'll be hosting an arena event this evening at 9PM. There will be zCoin prizes for first, second, and third place. Everyone who shows gets a free Q6 melee weapon of their choice. Come out and support the community and have some melee PvP fun :).
  2. As an update, all crashing issues have been narrowed down to the Kill Feed Ark API mod, which has since been removed. You can now play with confidence on our servers moving forward. As a bonus, we have added an Island and Center server to our cluster increasing the cluster size to 4 servers.
  3. The title says it all - enjoy the two new clustered servers. - The Island - The Center
  4. I've found a way to remove ark from a virtualized container and maintain the security I need for the rest of the community. I'm not saying virtualization was the problem, but since I'm already doing everything I am now, this was the perfect opportunity. I'll update as things progress.
  5. Tracking the two crashes with the servers. We're looking into the cause and will update as we know something.
  6. Dagoberis

    Nanny Imprinting

    I'll let Warhawker know if he hasn't seen this already.
  7. I've added general chat channels for Ark and 7DTD - please review the discord rules within discord.
  8. Just ask me or Warhawker or ask here. We'll answer you or find one for you. A live general public chat is not a prerequisite for a community time be successful.
  9. PMs don't facilitate this need? You can speak with *any* player in this discord through PMs in real time - AND you don't even have to worry about anyone else reading it.
  10. Last night we suffered what appeared to be a server crash that lasted the duration of the night. The cause of the crash was an SQLite database that handles all of the information related to Server Tools locked up. The only fix for this is to reboot the server, however the server itself believes there are no issues and continues to run instead of killing the process and restarting itself. I've spoken with the developer at length and he promises a fix by this weekend. In the mean time, I will ensure my phone receives notifications throughout the night and I will make myself available to restart the server if this occurs again before the update. Please do not ping me for random shit. However, do use a PM or @dagoberis to contact me in case of emergency in the evening hours. Thanks again for all of your support with the server and enjoy!
  11. I admit that you're sharing a player profile between two servers. I believe the benefits outweighs the minor issues outlined above. If people can deal with these small things, then we'll leave it going. If for whatever reason we don't like it - taking it down isn't hard.
  12. I think I've found a way to create a server cluster that would allow players to move between servers in a fashion similar to Ark. This would increase the playable area many hundreds of percent, and allow interaction with far more than our present 40 player cap. More to follow.
  13. https://www.forbes.com/sites/gordonkelly/2019/03/09/microsoft-windows-10-upgrade-problem-price-cost-update/amp/
  14. To TP to a friend: 1) Ensure you and your friend are allies. 2) Type !list and get the ID # of your friend. 3) Type !friend # 4) Your friend types !accept 5) Win